Friday, April 27, 2018

The bronze spears flung into
infinity curve back upon us

Our time cycle bending into the

We must abandon ourselves
to free ourselves
(the boundless rise of

Monday, April 16, 2018

Open to the endless
the warrior of peace
carries a broken sword

His rifle is an instrument of
salvation fired into the sacred
web of life

He is just a soldier of God
begging for redemption
She road down moutains into
the Hot dessert

Only to dream of an Athenian
Owl, while we entered
nighttime visions of
us sleeping together,
while we slept side
by side

Must have skipped some
lifetimes and bloodlines
(the magic in her veins)

She knew nothing of
the enlightened she

Friday, April 13, 2018

Terrible broken goddess
sometimes I want to tell your
sister that I never loved anyone
the way I loved you

(but it's just a roaring whisper
in my poems now,

wich are a raging river of
molten gold tearing through
my soul)

*[poet smiles softly to himself,
home at last]

*narrative to the narrative {author unknown}
One day like
Wings, all 
You're LIFE will 
come back to you!!!

You will find the sky 
is not the limit
and that there never
were any walls 

You will be whatever is 
being and see the rich river 
of gold flowing 

has been carrying you 
within the kingdom 
all along

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mr. Paradise told me
"You can't fuck up

So I crashed a
few times
and burned up
My life
(over and over

When I left the future that time
(so long ago do you remember
beloved that love letter we wrote
to each other, scratched into a tree
on our sacred mountain)

Waiting a hundred years for lighting
to strike again until I finally road
out West.

With all them damn cowboys with
their guns and whiskey and all.
Outlaws every one of em.

Everydody knew the motorcycles
would never kill me from the first time
I should have cracked my head open
and walked away

The tequila fueled wrecks
and brushes with god
laying with angels

Buildings burning
(returning home to America
and finding NYC dead and gone)


She is only a ghost of a ghost
of a dream I once had.