Saturday, February 13, 2016

I thought the shape-shifters
were phonies

and the breatharians
sectarians and
other cults

(so yeah,
I turn into a crow sometimes,
but when I'm an eagle I fly so
high that know-one can see me
or my eyes)

That one time I was a puma for
a brief moment...

Another time when I rode home in
full gear in 102 degrees and I was
just swimming in the thick tangible
connection we had

(oceans away)

you thought this was a space-time issue
and that the money would help you escape

still we are

after the time game
(and if anyone knew
what happened they
would agree)

but I like it
that even we don't
speak of it

(something about the
mountain lion
and the great mother
spider creator of
the infinite web)

some people believe
in past lives
and pyramid magic

(sometimes I just ride)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Out of the immeasurable heavens
(trajectory of light 
from a billion galaxies)

Out of the iron 
from supernovas
beating in our hearts

We never needed any 
science to prove to us 
we are one

(we knew from the way our 
molecules danced for 
each other)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What kind of mythology are
we making

each time we re-tell the

Each word changing reality
it's not the same since you
started reading this

infused with some rebellious

wild soul can't be
bargained for
He just rode away one day
right when everyone was convinced
he was "ok"

He'd burned down the house
she lived in years ago

filled with promises of the
holy ghost

Way of Gosho

Some say he wanted to pull
low because he knew he could

(out there in the forest hidden for
years writing that unholy
scripture, carving it into

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rambling Stumblebum High on Somethin' Rant from Tomkins Square Park

We hailed you through
the dirt times
with your war wounds
and glory rhymes

(you were the only one
that survived the 300mph
crash into the earth)

You burned down the ambulance
that they sent for you
blew up all your collateral and
tore up the loans too

I know you owe money to the
money to the government sharks
and the suits you punched
and the gas you drank
with the gold in the bank
and the ships you sank

And the jobs you shanked
(and that rusty shiv up your
sleeve for the bastards and the
bitches that don't believe)

They called you Gosho
and the No-show
shit's all got to go
worlds gonna blow

That's not how the SONS flow