Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Day I heard that Prince Died

I was like,
Didn't I just see the
number 7 written in the sky

(didn't I just dream of my
cassette tape looping over
and over again on 1999)

Lost in the Purple Rain
How can I say goodbye
to a friend so close to my heart
I've never met

So I guess you wrote your own signature
of your soul
and they can all sing it now
(all the great ones)

Dear one
sweet one
you never spoke to us

Only in the music
God floating in your purple

Makes me want to find a lover

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Journey of the mystic
is one of aloneness

stretching forth into
omnipotent nothingness

Where are stars to guide
where has ecstasy gone
shredded down a black
Do you know the old you
are you someone new now

Transitioned from another time
I keep referring back to the 70's

waiting to be saved
just like being from krypton
could release our meta human
programmed deep inside us
until the ancient metamorphisis
we ran from our own freedom
believing the thoughts that killed us
ratted out of the matrix
Trapped in old programming
once the fire started

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gentle friendship saving
me once again
she treads flower Goddess
into my evening

Cures from
ancient times
Healing wounds I did not
know of
King-time waiting
biding inside resistance
for the perfect explosion

Releasing all walls
only rivering away
into a new Eden
I am the fire one
(cooled on the surface
even though you are still afraid
of the volatility you