Monday, January 26, 2015

I am a ramblin'

Ain't nothin to be
proud of

A week ago I was down
in New York City

And now I'm out just
past Chicago

I might go down to Missisipi
or clear on out to

(I don't even think about
her no more

Or the way the crimson twilight
carried her scent through the
moonshot windows of
my soul)

A man names off cities
with mythological reverence
places of industrial power

Points of reference/reverence
and bragging rights
America and her fallen

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Keep searching for the doorway
through the jungle of your mind

(quick slip into the ease
spot of trail winding
through your paradise

where somewhere in the
darkness we are still
enveloped in vibrant
Not much to ride
away from these days
just a few minor
demons chasin their tails
on my shoulder

But I got angels singin
I got angels comin my way
The lord don't forget his children

No Jesus don't ever forget
one a his own

If you see me ridin away
If you see me walkin down the road
Ain't no way to tell ya
don't think you'd understand

never felt nothin like you before
well you know I ain't never
You know I ain't never
For me to be gone

for me to be gone
loved you a little too much
cuz I loved you a little too much

born free as a dream
born free as a dream
born free as a dream

you might not know it
But I got good religion
Yeah I got good religion

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Proud of our addictions
A place to make new memories

All those things
We had to kill to turn the
Light off

Let them come back

(Something else sacred
would have happened)
You police your
mind in dreams
search for a bus

off in the distance carrying
some fragment of a memory
that turns into

a journey up a snow bound
hill where you find the spirit
of something you lost